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Leilani completed the 3 year IDEA (Illustration & Design; Elements & Applications) program at Cap U with honours in 2007. She also completed the 6 month intensive Technical Web Designer program at BCIT in 2018.

She feels it is important to maintain a work/life balance. In her spare time she enjoys rock-climbing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, yoga & travelling.

You may wonder how to say Leilani & if she is Hawaiian.
- Leilani is pronounced "Lay-lah-nee".
- She is 1/2 Malaysian-Chinese, 1/2 British.
- She grew up in England.
- She moved to Canada with her family at 12.
- She is not Hawaiian, nor did she ever live there.
- She did visit & swam with a sea turtle.
- Her name is Hawaiian & means Heavenly Flower.

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